Transit & Airports

Piper Networks’ proximity technology provides ideal solutions for transit authorities, universities, municipalities, airports and enterprises seeking to embrace transportation IoT. Our products and services use real-time proximity-based data to deliver a wide variety of practical use cases including: asset tracking, transit management, personnel safety, and public communication. We also specialize in delivering solutions that assist public and private entities with compliance, data management, and security.

Fleet Management

Manage commercial, utility and mass transit vehicle fleets in real-time, broadcast accurate arrival & departure times, use motion data to assess compliance & performance of equipment or personnel.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Use the online dashboard to easily monitor the movement and locations of assets, big and small, throughout the logistical process and convert the location data into useful information for improved operational efficiencies.

Ground Transportation Management & Livery Metering

Track the movements of taxis, shuttles & rideshares to increase revenue with livery metering, monitor traffic flow to reduce roadway congestion and improve peak demand service at station pick-up and drop-off locations, and drive countdown clocks and public apps with accurate arrival times.

Telemetry and Compliance

Obtain valuable motion data like average speed and acceleration to assess fleet performance. Use that data for improving safety and operational efficiency, or use it for predictive analytics and maintenance.

Proximity Notifications

Piper’s first-to-market closed network capability allows for multiple messages to be attached to the same beacon but delivered to different groups of people. Ideal for communicating with various employees, regular travelers, or language-specific groups.

Environmental Sensing

Piper beacons are uniquely designed to include digital representations of environmental conditions and used to maintain and monitor air quality, water levels, noise, humidity, temperature and other measurable factors. Trigger alerts based on various data points.

Security & Multi Factor Authentication

Beacon technology can be used as a secondary or tertiary authenticating device for granting access to highly secure areas as well as for logging into (and when the proximity zone is broken, automatically logging out of) secure workstations.


Two-way communication between beacons on trains and beacons worn by workers triggers safety alarms and lights to warn of the proximity between trains and workers. Flashing strobes in the cab and on worker armbands or vests create simultaneous passive alerts to help avoid injuries. This same technology can be used to locate workers in the event they are lost or incapacitated.

Featured Client

Piper is currently engaged in an ongoing project to assist Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the New York City Subway System with collecting real-time subway train location data. Using customized Bluetooth Beacons installed on trains in combination with BLE sensors deployed in underground stations, Piper aggregates a stream of real-time location data. By integrating the data with MTA’s iTrack system, Piper’s beacons help locate trains and power countdown clocks with reliable arrival information for riders.

New countdown clocks in B Division stations are powered by Piper technology to deliver accurate arrival and departure times.

Piper testing of Bluetooth signals at aboveground subway stations is documented with detailed interactive maps displaying location, distance, & RF signal strength.

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